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Caramelized Fish/Cá Kho Tộ

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  • Caramelized Fish/Cá Kho Tộ


    While Thi Hen shows her method of cooking caramelized catfish;

    may I share with you all my technique which is also good for salmon or other fish:

    ** No water in this dish! Just fish sauce and oil; then when serving, discard the excess oil.

    * marinate the fish chunks with ground pepper + sugar + fish sauce (half of an hour or longer)

    * into a pot, medium high heat, add a generous amount of canola oil (or pork fat), then add few teaspoons of granulated sugar;

    when the sugar turn into amber color, OFF HEAT,

    add few tablespoons of fish sauce, wait for few seconds, then stir it well,

    add the fish chunks (discard the marinate), medium heat for 10 minutes;

    flip the fish over, add crushed garlic & minced shallots;

    cook for another 10 minutes

    Remove the fish to a plate when reasdy to serve; discard the oil.

    Also do it with salmon or sturgeon.

    Criticism PLEASE!

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    RE: Caramelized Fish/Cá Kho Tộ


    It is another delicious way to cook cá kho tộ, but if one prefers the kho tộ taste (kho quẹt) and also enough/plenty caramelized sauce left in the pot they can do my way