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marriage o las vegas?

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  • marriage o las vegas?

    trong đây có ai biết hay biết người nào làm marriage license o las vegas qua khong vay? minh co vài cau hỏi ....

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    RE: marriage o las vegas?

    hỏi kinh nghiệm để alope hả? giữ nhen..............
    Còn gặp nhau thì hãy cứ vui
    Chuyện đời như nước chảy hoa trôi
    Lợi danh như bóng mây chìm nổi
    Chỉ có tình thương để lại đời
    (Tôn Nữ Hỷ Khương)


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      RE: marriage o las vegas?

      cai nay mình hỏi thật đo' mậy chi yêu vâu ơi...

      i think i got it: http://www.myvegaswedding.com/marriagelicense.html


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        RE: marriage o las vegas?

        How To Obtain a Marriage License in Las Vegas
        From Robert Romano,
        Your Guide to Las Vegas, NV.
        FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now![/align]How To Obtain A Marriage License In Las Vegas.[/align]Difficulty: Easy[/align]Time Required: One hour or less [/align]
        Here's How:
        [ol][*]The Marriage license bureau is at Marriage Bureau, 201 Clark Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155-1603. Phone(702)671-0600, FAX 702-455-2254.[*]Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday, 8 AM to Midnight. Holidays open 24 hours.[*]Requirements are the same for US citizens and non citizens, but non citizens should check with their countries to see if theyrequire more.[*]Marriage is only between a male and a female.[*]The following may be used for identification: Drivers license or State-issued ID Card, Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate, Passport, military identification or resident alien card.[*]You can now complete your marriage license application online. Use link below.[*]All foreign language documents, must be translated into English.[*]Have enough money on you to cover the $55.00 fee.[*]Minors (not yet 18) must have consent of one parent who shows on the birth certificate and is present when getting this license.[*]Divorced applicants are required to know month, day, year and state of the divorce.[*]A marriage ceremony must be performed in the state of Nevada within one year of the date of issue by a person licensed to perform such a service.[/ol]
        Admin lập gia đình hả? If it is a yes then, congratulation !