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Kid bị Allergy : Question by ORM

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  • Kid bị Allergy : Question by ORM

    Question :

    This year, both of my kids have really bad allergy.... itching eyes, sneezing...and nghẹt mũi (couldn't breath) because my son he scratch his eyes so much, it was swelling and i bought the allergy eyes drop and use that on him, it help. Anyway, for the nghẹt mũi..... they couldn't sleep at nite because they cánt breath for the two of them, i sleep with them and i cánt sleep too because they both constantly hích hích mũi, they thought that might help them with better breathing but i guess it isn't. Anyway, how can I help them breath better at night?

    Answer by Jane

    Please get them the Benadryl type pills or liquid (depending on their ages and weight) today, with plenty of fluid. If they are less than 80lbs, give them the liquid version, per the doses on the bottle; if heavier, give the 25mg pill. STOP it a day before they see the MD. (I truly hate to reccomend medication on line, when I cannot see the "patient", as you can feel)

    Question :
    ... my daughter.. also 7.. weight... 44 lbs.. my son... 5.5.. weight...33 lbs..... íll stop by and get the pills you've suggested. at this weight and age... are they safe to take this drug????


    I feel better if they THEN take the liquid form of "Benadryl",

    since for children age 6 to 12y.o. they should take 12.5mg to 25mg MAX per dose, 3 doses per 24 hours.

    Younger than 6, she must take the liquid form.