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Marinara / Xốt Cà Chua Căn Bản

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  • Marinara / Xốt Cà Chua Căn Bản

    From the mother land of Marinara, I would like to post Xốt Cà Chua Căn Bản để nấu những món ăn Ý như:

    * spaghetti

    * cá, tôm, mực

    * thịt heo, thịt gà etc.




    1) ripe tomatoes / cà chua chín

    2) olive oil / dầu olive

    3) garlic / tỏi

    4) basil / lá quế màu xanh


    ** When you can get ripe meaty tomatoes, use them. Do not put the tomatoes in the refrigerator; rather keep them stem up on the counter to get the best flavor.

    If not, buy canned whole tomatoes. Don't use the tough plastic like tomatoes; they are worthless.

    ** In a large sauce pan, add plenty of extra virgin olive oil, under medium high heat,

    ** Add into the oil plenty of sliced garlic to your taste,

    ** When the garlic is fragrant, BUT not brown, add tomatoes (diced if fresh; crushed with your hand if canned)

    ** season lightly with salt, black pepper, some sugar if needed, and plenty of whole basil. If you wish, add some red pepper flakes for extra taste.

    ** Simmer until the tomatoes soft, sauce-like nature; add water if needed; as the sauce must be somewhat thin .

    Remove the basil stems, as needed.

    Do not use the food processor to refine tomato sauce for this purpose, as it adds air into tomatoes.

    From here, use the sauce to cook other dishes.