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Baby bỏ bú & bỏ ăn Question by Green_Plum

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  • Baby bỏ bú & bỏ ăn Question by Green_Plum

    Question by Green_Plum :

    bỏ bú tù tối qua tói sáng nay rồi, chỉ nhám mát ngũ hà, nhung đạt xuóng giuòng là ảnh mỏ mát choi tiếp,
    đút sũa vô thì ngậm đó ko suck, refuse to suck
    ko có rang yet nhung thấy ngậm tay, cũng ko bị tráng luõi or infection gì hết

    Answer by Jane Smith :

    1) you may want to try giving the child chilled milk, instead of warm

    2) add 1 tablespoon of Karo Light syrup into the milk to see he likes the taste (also reduce constipation)

    3) add 1 teaspoon of sugar into his food for a while

    Add sugar;

    Make popsicles with fruit juice for the boy to suck.

    (all of the above meant to be short term, for the child to go through the phase)

    RELAX, do not get frustrated. Have sugar + water + little salt ready (chilled or room temperature) for the child to drinklat will.

    Don't force, nor nag the kid to eat.