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    the airplane had landed but passengers were still had to stay in their seats, waiting for the plane to come to a complete stop. Only 1 minutes more but Thu felt like hours. She was so anxious to meet Quy .....Her thought drifted back two months ago...
    As she was dreaming in front of her computer, searching for a recipe on Google, suddenly an instant message appeared with a nick QNguyen . QNguyen asked her why she has such a sad nick! She told him why and wondered why and how he got her nick to send the IM!

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    RE: Online love

    THN : đang ngồi buồn tình có chuyện đọc hay quá, kể tiếp đi sis


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      RE: Online love

      ăn no rồi ngồi nghe kể chuyện tình...có lý á...
      Còn gặp nhau thì hãy cứ vui
      Chuyện đời như nước chảy hoa trôi
      Lợi danh như bóng mây chìm nổi
      Chỉ có tình thương để lại đời
      (Tôn Nữ Hỷ Khương)


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        RE: Online love

        He told Thu that he just wandered on the net then spot her sad nick so he stopped by to chat.
        Thu found Quy very charming and after saying good bye, she hoped to see him online again. But, after two days, he did not return so Thu sent him a note. In her note, she wrote: "Once upon a time, there was a girl who sat in front of her computer and she was sad as she just said good bye to a friend. Then a fairy appeared and talked to her. She liked the fairy and fell so happy after talking to him! But he did not return. Oh well, that the way fairies are, they came and then they gone!"

        Quy must find her note rather amusing because he appeared again one day after that.
        They go on chatting everyday and Thu found that she had become too attached to him so she told him that she will not chat with him for one month.