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Em bé bị ho , làm sao cho bớt?

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  • Em bé bị ho , làm sao cho bớt?

    Question by Cute Girls:

    Bé của em bịnh rồi, mấy bửa trước sốt rồi sau đó hết
    hôm qua ho với sổ mủi, em mua Dimetap (spell) cho uống, bélớn thì bớt cònbé nhỏ vẩn ho quá chừng

    tối qua ho xong rồi ói, rồi ho tiếp tuc... chắc mai đem đi khám bịnh quá, nhưng hôm nay làm sao cho hết ho đây?

    Answer by Jane Smith :

    cutegirls:I do not think you need to take the little one to see the doctor, AS YET .

    Just give her the Dimetapp as instructed; plenty of fluid (no milk) she likes to drink, add some Tylenol (= correct dose) as well.

    Cold drinks may help her to take more fluid. Sugar can be added.

    Measure and write down the temperature (+ time & date) please.

    If you have Robitussin in the house, you may giveher a dose of it, to see whether she reacts better to Robitussin.

    Sorry to hear my cute little girl doesn't feeling well.