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2006 San Jose, CA Grand Prix

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  • 2006 San Jose, CA Grand Prix

    We came here early last night, just to join the noisy sport, as guests of companies which we do business with.

    Last night, the downtown San Jose, CA became alive, civil and orderly. We had dinner at the restaurant in the De Anza hotel; the food is OK but the effort from the staffs is too much to bear. They tried too hard. Then we drove around for about half an hour just to get the feel of the city. The Viet restaurants seem to move elsewhere; only Kim Hương, Vũng Tàu and the BBQ shop is left. The Quang Da where dirty bowls, dirty spoons and dirty thumb from the old man who serve the food đi not show show much of business: GOOD! I just hate any restaurant which serves left over food to another patron.

    This morning, the air is so nice, cool and very light breeze. I open the hotel window, turn off the A/C in order to enjoy the early morning hour. From here we can see almost all of the race tract. By noon we will walk over the stand to watch the Grand Prix, few steps from here (Fairmont). The hotel has the best site, the best square of the downtown San Jose, CA . Beautiful water fountain (art work), the small park, many nice structure around including the San Jose Tech Museum.

    No Viet restaurant opens this early here I guess; but if they do, we do not want to try just now. If we can, we may try something for an early dinner b4 heading back to San Francisco.

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    RE: 2006 San Jose, CA Grand Prix

    oh Jane, you mentioned about the race tract...i miss the Kenturkey Derby this year...our cousin invited us with hotel and two Grandstand tickets...i prepared but my husband couldn't make that weekend...due to others behind work...[:@]

    my husband is a good handicap...we were at Emerald Down last weekend...he had fun, but not the kids...hahahahha......he's teaching the kids reading the program...i had a good laught....các race tracts bi giờ thì vắng người nhiều lắm so với vài năm trước...vì đa số là enjoy online handicap. me too, vì có thể làm việc nhà được.
    Còn gặp nhau thì hãy cứ vui
    Chuyện đời như nước chảy hoa trôi
    Lợi danh như bóng mây chìm nổi
    Chỉ có tình thương để lại đời
    (Tôn Nữ Hỷ Khương)