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    for your weekend shopping, think of the California White Bass for a nice steam or soup dish!

    Subject: Plitt Company August 10 Market Report Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 1452 -0700 We continue bring in some fantastic California white sea bass, this is
    nice fish for your weekend specials board. Also from Pacific waters
    have mongchong and opakapaka along with our usual Hawaiian selections
    ono and opah.

    We have a variety of wild salmon options in house including beautiful
    sockeyes from both Bristol Bay and from our team on the south end of
    Kodiak Island on Olga Bay. We also have Alaskan cohos in house.
    all of our wild Alaskan salmon is Marine Stewardship Council certified
    you can be sure you are receiving a sustainably harvested resource.

    As the heat wave that plagued us in the Midwest moves east, we are
    some supply issues on certain products. Wild striped bass is
    although it is tight and price is up. We also have a limited amount of
    black bass (1 to 2 lbs.) in house.

    Did you know that the Bahamas #1 export is the spiny lobster? People
    around the world love spiny lobsters for their sweet and delicious
    Unlike many lobsters, spiny lobsters don’t have big front claws, so
    meat comes mostly from their tails. We are bringing in fresh spiny
    lobsters from Florida for the next couple of months, and in October,
    the West Coast season opens, we will also offer these delicious
    live. They are available in a variety of sizes between one and two
    pounds each. Please communicate your spiny lobster needs to your
    representative in advance.

    Prices on the black tiger shrimp market have been creeping up, please
    aware of this. We are also expecting to see the popular head-on
    Madagascar shrimp back in house next week – check with your rep.

    Internationally, availability on farmed salmon has become somewhat
    limited, and we are feeling the pressure. Shortages due to a variety of
    reasons (production issues, high demand from Japanese market) are
    fish a little more difficult to source. Be assured our buyers are
    hard to keep us supplied with fish during this time.

    Anova is out of 8/10 oz grouper and snapper portions; we should see
    snapper back by September, but a few months until we have grouper
    portions back on line. We’ll let you know when they are back in stock.

    As you are aware, there have been a variety of shellfish beds along the
    West Coast that have been closed to oyster harvesting due to a
    Vibriosis outbreak. Unseasonably warm temperatures and afternoon low tides are
    thought to be major contributors to this outbreak of Vibriosis, which
    is caused by a naturally occurring bacterium, Vibrio parahaemolyticus. We
    are keeping close contact with our oyster purveyors and are working to
    supply you with plenty of clean West Coast oysters from open areas.
    We have a variety of great Pacific selections available including
    Malaspinas, Chef Creeks, and Cortez Islands.