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  • Eczema

    Answer by Jane Smith :
    Eczema must be care for, for a long time, if it is a true eczema.

    Regardless, please do the followings:

    1) Apply onto the area with a mixture of a hypoallergic lotion (such as Keri lotion) and the medication (*)

    2) Do it only after you thoroughly clean the area, being after a bath is the best, and WHILE THE SKIN IS STILL WET. Keep rubbing it in until it's semi-dry.

    3) Mix 50/50 lotion (cream) and the medicine in order to prevent the excessive skin dryness

    4) Start with mild medicine first, then if persists, move on to "stronger" ones.

    Eurecin, Keri, Aveeno can be used one at a time (to see which one suits the child best).

    Hydrocortisone of various strength can be used, but must not be near the eyes, mouth.

    Sometime, just Keri or Aveeno will help;

    if not, a prescription of a stronger medicine should be done and should be mixed with Keri or Aveeno.

    Remember: must do it every time after the bath, or else it will return.

    Good News: most kids, when grown up, escape the eczema completely.

    Please go to a warehouse store (Costco or the like) and buy a large bottle (1liter) of unscented Keri lotion.

    Keri is hypoallergic; thus it is good for the delicate eczematic skin of the child.

    1) mix 50/50 Keri/Hydrocortisone in your palm and rub it well onto the area of the eczema until almost dry; do it when the skin is clean and wet (after bath; just washing)

    2) repeat few times a day, especially before bed time.

    later, if you want to know about all of the theory of eczema's causing agents, mainly food allergy THEORY, then we all can read about it for fun

    One medicine you may want to know, but cannot be used until the boy is older (prescription): ELOCON.

    Keep a note of it and when all else failed; ask the pediatrician for it (50/50 mix of Elocon/Keri lotion).

    Also, you can ask the pediatrician for a stronger strength of hydrocortisone, if the current one doesn't work well.