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Just A Chicken Dish

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  • Just A Chicken Dish

    HEY! don't turn your nose up with chicken! it is perfectly good food (if you prepare it properly) and very cheap too! hahahaha


    (this dish may taste better when the weather is turning to cool)


    * whole chicken, washed & let dried
    * all purpose flour (to dust the chicken pieces with)
    * paprika (amount to your liking)
    * salt & pepper to taste
    * heavy cream or half 'n half (1 - 2 cups)
    * dry white wine (Rhine or Chardonay works well)
    * button mushroom (amount to your generocity)
    * yellow onion (1 or 2 heads)
    * Italian seasonings or French Fine Herbs or just thyme + oregano


    * with a pair of kitchen shears (scissors) and a knife one can cut QUIETLY a whole chicken (= at the joints and across the flesh) into 12 pieces (= 4 pieces of breast meat + 2 thighs + 2 drumsticks + 2 wings + 2 back bones). Do it often enough and you can finish the task in 20 seconds.

    * use a paper bag from your good supermarket, cut it open wide, lay it out on the counter, and place the chicken pieces on it;

    season the chicken pieces generously and both sides with salt, pepper, paprika, Spices (herbs) and then with AP flour. Shake off the excess flour.

    On a heavy bottom skillet, place a piece of chicken fat + some butter + olive oil; bring to medium high heat and brown the chicken pieces;

    Place the browned chicken into a casserol, add a cup of chicken broth (made with chicken neck, wing tips, celery, onion) or just hot water; add white wine (1 - 2 cups), add all left spices left on the paper bad into the casserol;

    then into a 350F oven with a lid on for 45 minutes;

    bring it out, taste for salt; add sliced mushroom saute' with butter and chopped onion,

    back to the 325F oven for about 15 minutes;

    add Half 'n Half, off heat, serve with cooked rice or boiled potatoes and or toasted bread.

    Don't be stingy with the sauce!