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  • Isabella Ơi!


    I cannot find your posts about them bad boys at luyện chưởng who copied others' recipes AND pics without proper credit,

    a thing I am strongly watching after,

    so I use this thread to inform you that:

    * upon my contact with Laurence of the mentioned website, I first informed that the other party does not understand english

    I then wrote in vietnamese, then I got reply that the mentioned party wants to speak FRENCH etc.

    * the end result is that two recipes by KitchenAid, which were available to me, were deleted.

    Please join in with me to speak french with this bad practice, so that credit must go to where credit due.


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    RE: Isabella Ơi!


    I did not register with them so I did not post anything. I saw someone, I think it was THN posted in VF about this Laurence girl but it seems everyone was flattered by her action.

    You should check with KA ì she like them stealing her recipes or not. Some folks like it but I believe the action is unethical.
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