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Canh Khế Chua Cá Ngạnh

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  • Canh Khế Chua Cá Ngạnh

    It was a chilly day in Quang Ngai,

    I did not feel well with exhaustion (never let it be while traveling through a highly infectious country) so I planned to drink a bottle of Johny Walker and sleep;

    the good old woman, the mother of my local guide/helper, brought to my hotel room with a container of piping hot "Canh Chua Khế & Cá Ngạnh" and some cooked rice. All I remember about her is her shiny blacken teeth and the smile.

    ............ I slurped the whole thing with few spoons of rice in it; it tastes so good! (just sour star fruits, some fish called cá nganh, they look like baby catfish, BUT NOT, some polygonum odoratum (rau răm). Boy! it was so tasty!

    I drank few shots of Johny's and went to a deep sleep. What a medicine!


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    RE: Canh Khế Chua Cá Ngạnh

    trời lạnh ăn canh nóng đã wa' ))))
    i live in the South.. raining season is the best time for hot canh) ahhahahahahaha

    others...ca' kho and râu luộc is the bestttttttt