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  • Current Info. About Fish Market

    Plitt Company 9/14/06 Market Report

    We have some wild salmon options available for the weekend including a
    limited amount of beautiful ivory king salmon and wild steelhead.
    Sockeye seasons in both the US and Canada are closed for the year. We
    have some California kings in the house – you may see some cheaper
    on the market (probably out of Washington State), but they will not
    the quality of our product, please be careful. Coho salmon are also
    available, and remember that all of our Alaskan salmon is certified
    sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council!

    Seasonal issues are affecting Great Lakes products – expect
    shortages on all sizes of whitefish and pike over the weekend.
    should improve on all products by early next week, but prices will be
    for a while. Did you know that whitefish is a great source of
    heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids? It ranks right up there with

    It’s a great time of year for fresh shellfish – plump mussels from both
    coasts, a variety of clam options, and plenty of choices from our
    selection to keep you happy! Don’t miss our exclusive oyster offerings
    from Prince Edward Island – quality is excellent! If you want to add
    oysters to the menu but don’t have the time or resources to deal with
    shucking – try our shucked oysters in a variety of sizes; this is such
    convenient way to add great sellers like oyster po’ boys, deep fried
    oysters, and more to your menu!

    Although the packaging is new, our Sailor Girl squid is still the same
    excellent product, meeting all of our quality standards. This is the
    tender, flavorful squid on the market – with very high yield. Find a
    place for this economic item on your menu – appetizers, salads,
    center-of-the-plate, squid is versatile, easy to work with, and

    We have some great new products on hand from Collins Caviar! Madras
    Salmon Caviar, featuring flavors of Southern India, will be a delicious
    innovation on your late summer menu. With delicate flavors of red
    coriander, and a subtle hint of red onion, this caviar can be added to
    yogurt to make a fantastic dip, used as a lovely accent to chilled
    and more. And, for the Tequila lover -- Margarita infused Great Lakes
    whitefish caviar -- with Premium Gold Tequila, fresh lime juice &
    Cointreau. This tart, refreshing caviar can be used all year long for
    Latin inspired cuisine and much more. These items are currently
    by pre-order only.

    As usual this time of year we are seeing some hurricane issues
    the market. Look for prices on all east coast fish to be up next week
    boats stay in port due to bad weather. We expect price increases on
    skatewing, sole, and monkfish. There are small wild striped bass (2 –
    lbs.) coming out of Maryland and Virginia right now, the fish look

    Monday is Chilean Independence Day which means that we will be affected
    holiday hours the following week. Please be aware of production issues
    farmed Chilean salmon that may hit us the week of September 25th.
    bass price has eased a bit, most likely due to boats returning to port
    the holiday. Mahi mahi price is also down slightly. Remember that
    Plitt only buys mahi and Chilean bass out of Costa Rican and Ecuadorian
    markets to ensure the quality of the product.

    Join us on Tuesday, September 19th for the first annual OzFest – a
    celebration of Australian Innovation! We’ll be serving up a nice
    selection of Australian seafood, and there will be plenty of Australian
    wines to taste, cheese to sample, and more. Come out and enjoy a
    beautiful late summer evening at Casamonte Bath & Home, 1355 W. Concord
    Place, Chicago 60622. It’s just a few blocks south of Plitt’s
    Headquarters…the event starts at 5:30 – why not swing by early and take
    quick tour of our plant?

    We are bringing in some exotic options for this event that will be
    available next week for your specials board – ask your sales rep about
    fresh hiramasa (excellent sushi quality product), Moreton Bay bugs,
    Suzuki, and more…if you aren’t sure about these items, swing by the
    and give them a try. The event is free and open to all!

    There are currently no 4/6 black tiger shrimp available on the market,
    they will remain in short supply for approximately 5 weeks. However,
    you are looking for a real show-stopper ask your rep about our
    head-on 2/4 shrimp. These beauties will amaze your customers! All
    sizes of black tigers are in good supply. We are expecting plenty of
    Bay raw P/D tail-on and tail-off to hit our freezers in about a month.
    And speaking of Ella Bay, we have plenty of 3/5 squid on hand – great
    pricing on this imported product.

    We know summer is drawing to its inevitable close when we can finally
    announce that soft shell crabs are no longer available. It was a great
    season, thanks for everyone’s help in dealing with this pre-order
    have plenty of other crab options available, from delicious Dungeness
    meat from the Pacific, to king crab legs, snow crab claws, fresh and/or
    pasteurized crab meat from a variety of speicies. We are also making
    delicious crab cakes here at Plitt, perfect for parties, catering,
    markets and more!