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Mấy sis nghĩ sao cho trường hợp này

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  • Mấy sis nghĩ sao cho trường hợp này

    I got a call from a young Vietnamese woman yesterday asking me to look for a divorce lawyer for her as she put it "I cannot live with this guy anymore!"

    Go get mail, will continue

    Anyway, this call puzzled me .

    Hoa ( a fictious name) married this man in 1987 and they live with his parents eversince.They did not declair their maririage to US government so on paper, they are not husband and wife.When their first child was born, she applied for wlefare and as a single mother and stayed on the dole until their third child was 5 . Then they legalized their marriage, she got off welfare and continue working along with her husband as nails technician.
    All three of their kids are girls so in 2003 they decided to have one more, hopping it would be a boy. Well, another girl came so right after that she got pregnant again and, thanh heaven, they got a boy .
    She then had a tubal ligation .
    You should always go to other people funeral because they cannot go to yours!

    Yogi Berra

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    RE: Mấy sis nghĩ sao cho trường hợp này

    that is so sad chị Isa