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tennismom: Ăn Cho Con Khát Nước

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  • tennismom: Ăn Cho Con Khát Nước

    mắm thái

    mắm ruốt

    ba khía

    mắm ruột cá thu (Bình Định)


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    RE: tennismom: Ăn Cho Con Khát Nước

    Jane : you scared me for a minute there withthe title.

    Love mắm thái, mắm ruốc never tried mắm ruộc & have no intention to try it either.Tên nghe gì mà ghê quá ăn xong chắc bị rượt.
    A question: I am on BP pill can I eat Bún mắm or any mắm at all? Saw KA mắm chưng dừa last week ,really want to try it but sợ BP rocketed thì nguy. Now saw ba khía, ruốc xào sả ,ngon quá mà cả năm rồi không dám ăn


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      RE: tennismom: Ăn Cho Con Khát Nước

      Dưa mắm
      Cà pháo mắm nêm
      Thịt luộc chấm mắm nêm.... tòan là món độc


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        RE: tennismom: Ăn Cho Con Khát Nước


        * the setting was at a beach side "tiny restaurant" in Tam Quan, Bình Định

        * the situation was about 2pm, very hungry & wanting to taste a local dish

        * the act was done by a smart local helper who suggested Bún Mắm Ruột Cá Thu

        * the system did the checks: Immodium AD, antispasmodic medication, Bactrim Forte from a local pharmacy, toilet is not that far, toilet paper are in the bag, Kleenex tissues, etc. all available (in case I must run to the border)

        so BE IT!

        In a bowl of fresh, still warm, bu'n tu*o*i + few slices of boiled pork meat + few hefty spoons of this browny thicky smelly concoction of tuna guts pickled in salt & sun

        mix them up, add few slivers of hot pepper, chilled beers available, a pot of hot tea

        I dunk my face in that bowl; the tuna guts and the pork and the noodle all together and they were sooooooooo gooooooood.

        Second bowl, few cups of hot tea; few bottles of chilled Heineken later; I was about ready to climb to a hammock haning under the coconut grove;

        ocean breeze, sleepy eyes, belly full; HEAVEN IS AT MY HAMMOCK!

        and NO need to run to the border!



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          RE: tennismom: Ăn Cho Con Khát Nước

          Jane : still not want to try it after the delicate way you describe it.
          Now give me 1 tô bún/lẫu mắm, won't sat No.