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New England Clambake

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  • New England Clambake

    San Sanancisco has been blessed with mostly clear sky, sun shine, mid 60s';

    so I will prepare a pot of Indoor New England Clambake for Saturday lunch. Cold beers and white wine are needed.

    In a large aluminum pot with lid, I shall put in this order:

    * sliced Kielbasa (Polish sausage): 2lbs

    * Spring potatoes (red, Yukon gold): 3 - 4lbs

    * mussels wrapped with cheese cloth into a bag: 4lbs

    * small neck or cherrystone clams wrapped with cheese cloth into a bag: 4lbs

    * 6 corns on the cob with the silk in

    * 4 Dungerness crabs (4 - 6 eaters)

    * 4 lobsters (2lbs each)

    * a good amount of fresh thyme

    * add 3 or 2 red potatoes for the test purpose for doneness

    * top the pot with seaweeds which come with the lobster for extra flavor.

    Then lid it; onto a cooktop for about 10 minutes (NO WATER ADDED), then into the pot about 1/2 bottle of dry white wine.

    Ready to serve in 15 additional minutes, or when the test potato is cooked.

    Tarragon butter with salt & freshly ground black pepper on the side.

    Cold beers, chilled chardonay.

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    RE: New England Clambake

    Mid 60s , now I am jealous. Will get to 101,102 this weekend here in Dallas


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      RE: New England Clambake

      Kids coming home "for the Summer";

      so we must stock up their things: 4 gallons of milk, proschiutto di Parma, bread, fruits, few more cases of bottled water, cheese and whatsnot!

      SO, I will staying home cooking for them, YAH RIGHT! hahahahaha


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        RE: New England Clambake

        sounds so yummy, Jane!


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          RE: New England Clambake

          ORIGINAL: crazymom

          sounds so yummy, Jane!
          One can change the amount of ingredients to suit;

          but the sliced Kielbasa at the bottom of the pot (without water0 will first seared and released the very inetresting aroma and taste.

          Someone may want to add few heads of garlic, few quartered onion, cut lemon as well. Find your way out of it to suit your taste.

          (I imagine the Viets would add lemongrass! hahahahahaha)