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Bún Ốc by Mr. Mom

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  • Bún Ốc by Mr. Mom

    By Mr. Mom

    BÚN ỐC

    (as seen by JS)


    serving 6 - 8

    * 3lbs pork ribs, cut into strips
    * 4 - 6lbs of live snails (large ocean snails)
    * 1lb ground pork
    * 1 jar (7oz., 200grams) of Shrimp paste in Soy bean oil
    * 1 jar (7oz., 200grams) of Crab paste in Soy bean oil
    * 2lbs fresh firm tofu
    * 4 whole eggs
    * 2 yellow onion
    * green onion (a bunch)
    * a chunk of fresh ginger root
    * medium size JiangXi dried noodles
    * few Kra-Chai roots (3 - 4), either frozen or in brine


    ** blanch the pork ribs with salty boiling water, then wash them well with running cold water

    ** into a large stock pot, add the cleaned pork ribs and about 2 gallons of cold water + 2 tablespoons of salt + same amount of sugar or rock sugar; bring it to boil, then simmer; remove the impurities frequently; add 1 yellow onion, then add the Kra-Chai (ngãi bún); keep the stock pot simmering

    ** marinate the ground pork with minced shallots or the white part of the green onion, ground black pepper, fish sauce

    ** puree the ginger root, add cold water and salt then soak the snails in it for about 1/2 of an hour

    ** wash the snails with running cold water;

    then follow MR.MOM instruction:

    Cooking snails:

    Please check your snails before blanching to ensure that no dead snails enter the cooking pot as it will ruin the whole pot.

    Add water,salt, vinegar (salt and vinegar help bring back the freshness of the nails)
    just enough water to cover the snails. Bring it to a broil and remove from heat immediately. Soak the snails with cold water before de-shell the snails. This will result in a tender snail with just a little bite to it.

    ** slice the snails and set aside as topping

    ** fry the tofu, cut into smaller chunks, with some canola oil, set aside as topping or can be added into the broth

    ** saute' the ground pork & let cool

    ** lightly beat the eggs; then add ground pork + shrimp paste + crab paste + some minced green onion;

    then slowly pour the mixture into the mild boiling stock pot.

    ** soak and boil the Jiangxi noodles until just done, drain well

    ** prepare the lime, hot chili, cilandro, green onion, sliced yellow onion for the table

    ** taste the broth and adjust the taste accordingly

    Assemble the bowl with noodles in the bottom, heat it up in a microwave oven, pour in the broth together with few laddle of the crab-shrimp-pork pate', top with fried tofu chunks and snails, garnished with chopped green onion and cilandro; serve with wedges of lime and hot chili.

    Per MR.MOM advice: " Jane,

    Pleaseaddtomatoes, crab pastes or shrimp pastes to the Bún Ốc recipe. Thanks "