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  • Wrinkles

    Question by CM:

    Myneighbor is going thru menopause and within a few months her face has a lot of wrinkles. She is the only person I know wrinkled sooooo fast even though she is not going out in the sun at all and using moisturizer everyday. Does she need to take vitamin for this? She is getting very depressed over this.

    Answer by Jane Smith :

    Vitamins won't help much, if any.

    A normal healthy diet is better than taking any supplement.

    Suggest her to wash her face 10 minutes at night, before going to bed as following:

    * with warm water for a minute, massage the whole face, especially where wrinkles are so prominent

    * rinse with COLD running water

    * repeat with warm water

    * rinse with cold water

    * then apply night cream when the skin is still wet.

    In few months, when her body gets use to the new level of hormones; her facial skin will be more stable.

    Massage the face with the finger tips helps.

    Alternating warm and COLD water helps.

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    RE: Wrinkles

    Some people are wrinkles prone, some don't . Take me, I am very old but have very few wrinkles when I laugh in the meantime, my friend who is 4 months younger than I has wrinkles even at her nose.
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