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The Play's the Thing

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  • The Play's the Thing

    Hôm nay tình cờ TM đọcđược bài thơ này, share với mấy anh chị em nha :

    The Play's the Thing

    Forgive me,Lord
    for all the tasks
    that went undone today
    But this morning when my child
    toddled in and said,"Mommy play?"
    I simply has to say yes.
    And between the puzzles and trucks
    and blocks and dolls and old hats and
    books and giggles,
    we shared a thousand special thoughts,
    a hundred hopes and dreams and hugs.
    And tonight,when prayer time came
    and he folded his hands and softly whispered,
    "Thank you, God, for Mommy and Daddydy and
    toys and French fries,but 'specially
    for Mommy playing,"
    I knew it was a day well wasted.
    And I knew You'd understand.

    Jayne Jaudon Ferrer
    ( Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul )

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    RE: The Play's the Thing

    TM: Oh...it is so sweet ...I understand it so well ...Làm tui feel guilty quá , bao nhiêu lần con hỏi : Mommy , can you play with me ?