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  • Cell Phone Battery

    Xin hỏi cell phone khi mình xài có cần phải đợi gần hết battery mới recharge 0 để maintain battery's life longer? Còn 2 gạch charge full lại có làm giảm chức năng của battery 0?

    Thank you.

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    RE: Cell Phone Battery

    Most, if not all, cellphone purchased within the last 5 - 6 years use the battery WITHOUT memory;

    thus it can be charged at any time and it will hold maximum charges.

    If in doubt, try to find the phone manual and read it for your satisfaction.

    (do you know that I do not own a phone of any kind under my name? This case no one can tract me down. I use company phones, registered under someone else names and only my secretaries know which phone to call on what day, because they are the one who hand the phone to me to use)